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Zusätzliche Kurse

Anatomie plus

Online Anatomy and Pathology Courses  Online account to the virtual classroom where you can use different learning tools and fill out your assessments. For detailed information contact Isabel Obrist.

Anatomie am Präparat   April 2022

Neurology Course    September 2022

Embryology Course   September 2023

Osteopathie plus

Juni Kurs   Edward Muntinga DO,  Juni 2023 

Mechanical Link - LMO 6   2022, Datum folgt

Osteoarticular made easy   David Lachaize DO, not planed yet

Osteopathy and the three doors   Pierrette Cyr DO,  September 2023

Reminders on the Fascia   Serge Paoletti DO,  2021/22

BSc (hons.) Osteopathy  Upgrade your education, start September 2022 postgrad 220923 BSc.pdf

Humanitäre Missionen

Pakistan: August/September

Peru: Juli

Osteo without borders 2013.pdf    Registration.doc

Weiterbildungskurse Pädiatrie

Weiterbildungsprogramm  Kurs Plagiocephalie eventuell 2022, Gait, Foot and Leg 2020


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